The Auckland Marathi Association emerged in 1995 when a few families from Maharashtra in New Zealand felt the need to bond around their shared culture and identity in a new land they were still learning to call home.


Since its formation to now, the Association has grown not just in numbers but in scope and ambition. Today, AMA is more than a place to share a cultural identity, to come together and celebrate festivals and occasions. Second generation Kiwi-Indians of marathi parents contribute to activities and bring fresh ideas to the mix.


Performing art, classical and folk dance, music, theatre; our events are tethered to Maharashtra’s rich literary and folk heritage. Members have made it a proud association.


Members are at the heart of the organisations mission and vision. In some ways, the organisation has become their go-to place for seeking familiarity and closeness with their Indian origins as they walk in many worlds. An ever growing community has led the Association in expanding its reach to include events and cause partnerships with other organisations in New Zealand and beyond.



Prashant Belwalkar – President

Prashant Belwalkar – President

“A technocrat, I bring leadership to the group. I am deeply involved in community work from arts, sports to business development.
My skills include technology, change management, people management and financial management.
I am a big picture person, who believes in taking everybody together.
Passionate about helping the community to achieve their true potential and integrate with wider NZ communities.
Aim to make the Marathi Association a reference point for all migrants from India!
Hoping to get all Maharashtrians in NZ on board; be it students, families or short term visitors during my term with the Association and expand its presence all over NZ”

Rajashri Dakwale – Secretary

Rajashri Dakwale – Secretary

Rajashri Dakwale is working in Real estate industry with L J Hooker, she is settled in NZ from 2005.
She loves Marathi culture, music, and drama, she is happy to join AMAI as secretary and would like to contribute her bit in keeping Marathi culture active in Auckland!

Vikrant Kamble – Treasurer

Vikrant Kamble – Treasurer

My name is Vikrant Kamble and I am from Mumbai – I have been in New Zealand Since 2001 and since then I have been a member of our mandal.
My role in the committee is as the Treasurer, but apart from this my goal is to promote and nurture Marathi culture within the community and foster the rich Marathi heritage and pass this legacy to the next generation. I firmly believe, that by doing so, we will truly contribute to the fascinating multicultural landscape of New Zealand society..
Neela Paranjpe – Joint Treasurer

Neela Paranjpe – Joint Treasurer

मी नीला परांजपे. माहेर आणि सासर दोन्ही मुंबईलाच. २००३ मार्च पासून ऑकलंडमध्ये आहे, आणि आल्यापासून ASB बँकेत कामाला आहे. ही ओळख नवीन लोकांसाठी; बाकीचे सारे मला ओळखतातच.

Sushama Thakur

Sushama Thakur

I have been a member of the AMA since 1999. I have been part of three previous AMA committees, having held both general and executive positions.
I have rejoined the committee once again with the hope of helping form stronger networks between members of our community and to keep our community together. Jai Maharashtra!

Mahesh Amrute

Mahesh Amrute

I am passionate about helping people and community welfare is high on priority. With a varied background in Finance, Travel-Tourism and Interpersonal skills,
I bring thought leadership to the table. I am keen to contribute to the development of my Marathi Community and
make it a known force amongst the varied Indian Diaspora in NZ. Hope to contribute positively during my term on the Executive.”

Sai Bedekar

Sai Bedekar

I am an occupational Health and Safety Practitioner and a Rehabilitation Specialist by profession. I enjoy networking and organising social events. I also do some photography in my spare time. As a committee member, I look forward to the increasing growth of AMAI members and deliver quality cultural programs to bring the community together.

Shekhar Teke

Shekhar Teke

Namaskar Mandali. I am Shekhar Teke. My passion is Cricket and drama. I am involved in the stage activities since 1985 and participated in various drama competitions at university and district level. I also played in professional dramas. I was involved in three documentary films as actor, writer and assistant director in whcih Makarand Anaspure was one of the well-known artist.
As I am a social person and always involved in the society work, I joined AMAI to serve marathi community and build the strong Indian community under AMAI umbrella.


Deepa Deodas

Deepa Deodas

Namaskar, I am Deepa Deodas. Originally from Pune, Maharashtra. Living in Auckland since 2000 and proud to announce that
I am a member of Marathi mandal since 2000. I would like to create an awesome platform where we all can perform Maharashtrian culture,
traditions, dance and the music with all our seniors and different ages of generation. Let’s celebrate ME MARATHI with our ASSAL MARATHI BANA . Jai Maharashtra.

Magazine: ZunzuMunzu

Our annual magazine published at Diwali and distributed to all our members. It’s a showcase of perspectives, opinions, photo and updates from the community. Interested in advertising in the pages of ZunzuMunzu? Get in touch with us today!



Home to over 75 million Marathi speakers, Maharashtra occupies an enviable spot on the west coast of Indian as well as in the hearts of the global Marathi speaking diaspora.

In 1960, the Samyukta Maharashtra movement saw the formal formation of this Indian state. In independent India, the idea of regionally redrawn States on linguistic groupings was not favoured by the then political leadership. Marathi as a language had loose but wide reach in the region thanks to a history of Marathi speaking governance and kingdoms in pre-independence India. Perhaps, this is why Marathi – the official language of the region – sometimes may be spoken and understood by people residing in neighbouring states of Gujarat, Karnataka, Goa and Andhra Pradesh.

In diaspora communities, a shared history, cultural identity, literature and art forms a vital form of connection and a sense of belonging.

The Auckland Marathi Association is the go-to place for connecting not just Marathi speakers, but anyone who enjoys the cuisine, art, culture, literature, poetry, plays and performing arts traditions of Maharashtra in New Zealand.


Who organises programs and events?

The Executive Committee is responsible for the Associations governance and executing activities and events. At the AGM in June, either the existing Executive continues into their second term or a new Committee is formed with a term of two years.

How does the event calendar run?*

The first event is usually held in July/August. This is a great opportunity for members to meet the new committee. At this event – sometimes a Satyanarayan Pooja, a variety entertainment evening or a simple get together (gappa goshti) – our members get a chance to mingle in an informal setting.

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations follow shortly after. Ganesh Chaturthi is a chance for the kids from toddlers to kits – of our community to occupy centre stage and showcase their talents.

The Association puts together a Dandiya night to celebrate Kojagiri Purnima and Diwali. Either a natak (play) by local talent or more recently a Diwali Pahat – a musical dawn event is hosted. The defining element of Diwali is that all of the talent is local, from within the community. Our annual magazine ‘ZunzuMunju, also known as Diwali Anka in Marathi is unveiled during Diwali too.

In the summer months, the Association organises an outdoor activity, a sports day or a picnic around Auckland. Our members especially look forward to the Marathi play produced and performed by the Association right before the AGM.

*This is a general summary of the Association’s events calendar and is subject to change as per the Executive Committees discretion. For more information, contact us.

How does membership work?

Membership is operational for a period of one year which starts in June. The Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held each year in the first week of June. Membership needs to be renewed every year.

What is the membership period?

Membership is annual and needs to be renewed every year.

How much does membership cost?

Family membership fee for the period of June to May (of the next year – covering the period between two AGMs) is NZ$ 75.00. A family membership includes a couple, their children and their parents living together.

Individual membership fee for the period of June to May (of the next year – covering the period between two AGMs) is NZ$ 40.00.

How can I pay the fees?

Internet banking: Pay your fees online into our account 12-3030-0544846-00 with ASB Bank Limited. Cash payment: Pay cash into the bank account at any ASB branch. Note your last name for our reference. Cash payment at events: Pay cash at the door when you attend any of our events.

Become a Member

Useful information for new members

Never miss another vibrant activity. By becoming a member, you and your family are connected to the wider Marathi community. Our events, most often free for members, are a great opportunity to meet people and enjoy some relaxing family-friendly down-time.

The operational tenure for Auckland Marathi Association (Inc) is for a period of one year each starting from June. To begin with an Annual General Meeting is held in the first week of June every year. During this meeting, either the existing Executive Committee continues into their second term or a new Executive Committee is formed for the next two years.

The first program is held in July/August, which is usually a get together for members to get acquainted with the new Executive Committee and is in the form of a Satyanarayan Pooja or an entertainment program with a Fun Fair, or just a casual get together that we in Marathi call as gappa goshti. The Ganapati Utsav follows this program, normally celebrated before Anant Chaturdashi. This program is performed predominantly by children ranging from toddlers to those in their teens.

This is followed by a Dandiya night to celebrate Kojagiri Purnima and then comes the Diwali celebration. Our annual magazine publication, “Zunju Munju” is unveiled at the  Diwali function. We usually celebrate Diwali by organising a Natak presented by our local talent,but lately, we have also hosted a Diwali Pahat for all members to celebrate this event together.

During the period from January to March, we have a picnic, which is organised at a place in or around the Auckland area. This is followed by the Annual Sports Day, where games like Badminton and Chess are played between members. In the months that follow, we host a Musical Evening, giving the local talent a platform to showcase their skills. This is usually our final programme for the year leading up to the next AGM.

Auckland Marathi Association (Inc) charges $75.00 for family memberships or $40.00 for individual members. A family membership is applicable to a family made up of the husband, wife, their children and/or their parents living together. This fee covers the period between the two Annual General Meetings.

The above mentioned programs are a summary and can vary with every individual executive team and their decision for annual programs.

For any further clarification, please feel free to contact us or visit our website.

The payment of fees can be done as follows-

  • Internet transfer to our account number: 12-3030-0544846-00 with ASB Bank Limited.
  • Direct cash or cheque payment done personally to the above account in any ASB branch.
  • Cash or cheque payment at the time of any event.

Get in touch

or drop us an email at contactus@amai.org.nz